Walking Sutra: Hunters Point South

LONG ISLAND CITY, QUEENS – The word “Sutra” is commonly understood to be a religious text or story, but its literal meaning is “a thread or line that holds things together”, as in “suture”.

During this workshop, participants explored the overgrown, post-industrial wasteland of Hunters Point, Queens. We collected natural and synthetic found materials and wove them together to make a long, collaborative, sequential sculpture, which was exhibited at Radiator Gallery that winter. I created a limited-edition book from photos of the sculpture.

Participants: Peter Adams, Milcah Bassel, Tara Daino, Michael Durek, Catherine Grau, Rena Lee, Simone Meltesen, Marisa Tesauro, Amanda Thackray, Jennifer Williams

Photography by Tsubasa Berg and Catherine Grau

Chance Ecologies is a framework for artistic gestures and research projects exploring the un-designed landscapes and wilderness found in abandoned spaces, post-industrial sites, and landfills. The main trajectories of the project are to create research and discourse around the value of wild spaces in the urban environment; to document, learn from, and commemorate the naturally occurring ecosystems that are being lost to development; and to articulate contemporary readings of- and new forms of relating to (urban) wilderness.

Chance Ecologies @ Hunter’s Point South brings together a group of artists to creatively explore and document the site before it is transformed into a high density residential development and public park starting this fall. In an effort to capture this magically wild place that has grown freely over the past 35 years – and to document and map its layered history and the natural ecology that has evolved there, we will pursue artistic research practices on site and stage sensitive public actions.

This series of artist interventions, walks, and responses is organized by organized by Catherine Grau, Nathan Kensinger, and Stephen Zacks.


Chance Ecologies, Radiator Gallery, and Amplifier, Inc.
Public Workshop, Sculpture, and Book