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Anne Percoco


Jersey City, NJ


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"Reimagining Arte Povera for the Anthropocene, Percoco utilizes discarded materials and abandoned spaces in the built environment often regarded as worthless. But to her, it is precisely because these materials and places are overlooked that allow them to accumulate possibilities otherwise absent in traditional white box art. More than assemblages of society’s flotsam and jetsam, Percoco’s excavatory work reveals obscured layers of meaning beneath the rubble of commercialism, creating a complex lens through which to view the inherent interconnection between the human and natural worlds." -- Lorissa Rinehart, Art and Object

Artist Statement:

As a sculptor, my artistic strategy involves re-contextualizing existing elements: presentation rather than representation. My process is resourceful, responsive, and playful. I spend as much time researching, exploring sites, and scavenging for materials as I do making.

I often work with junk and junk-spaces: materials and places that are overlooked, untended, and thus host to numerous extraordinary possibilities; places where artifacts accumulate, weeds grow, and history is most visible. I am interested in the interface between nature and culture, including the varied representations of plant-life for commercial and decorative purposes.

I produce public interventions, work for traditional gallery settings, web-based projects, and publications. I learn different things from each way of working.


After earning my M.F.A. from Rutgers University in 2008, I completed a fellowship with the Asian Cultural for research and production of new work in India. I’ve presented solo shows at Chitrakala Parishath College of Art (Bangalore, India) as well as NURTUREart and A.I.R. Gallery (both in Brooklyn), and ArtBloc (Jersey City). Awards include a public sculpture commission from the Randall’s Island Park Alliance in NYC, the Bronx Museum’s Artist-In-the-Marketplace Program, and the Foundation for Contemporary Art’s Emergency Grant.

My work has been exhibited nationally at venues such as the Anchorage Museum (Alaska), Wave Hill (Bronx, NY), the Islip Arts Museum (Long Island), and the U.S. Botanical Garden (Washington D.C.) and internationally in India, Italy, Germany, Chile, the Netherlands, and Estonia.