Library, Back Door: 90 x 46"

Library, Front Door: 87 x 77"

Grove Park: 8 x 16'

Meadowlands Park: 73 x 87"

At deinstallation, I found these creatures living on and under the wheatpastings.


SOUTH ORANGE, NEW JERSEY – I photographed weeds of different species from downtown South Orange and wheatpasted their enlarged images onto outdoor walls throughout the town.

Wheatpaste is a medium employed largely by graffiti artists. Like graffiti, weeds are both unauthorized and self-propogating. By celebrating these wild life forms, I am recognizing their intrinsic value, rather than a value system based on usefulness to humans.

These pieces respond to architectural features and mimic nearby plant life, yet their surreal scale calls to mind an unspecified time in the future where nature will reclaim all that we’ve built.

This project was part of the exhibition In-Site: The Intersection of Art and Architecture, curated by Jeanne Brasile, Sandy Martiny, Tom McGlynn, and Judy Wukitsch. Thanks to Maria Lymberis and Kether Tomkins for their help.

Lennie Pierro Memorial Art Foundation with The Village of South Orange and Pierro Gallery
Public Art
Inkjet on Newsprint, Wheatpaste